Nadu Nedu Agreement

„In addition to physical appearance, a sufficient number of teachers is a must to get more admissions to public schools. There are nearly 3,000 vacancies in Vizianagaram and Srikakulam districts. The government should take steps to ensure that at least one teacher for each class. Only the objectives and objectives of the Nadu Nedu programme would then be achieved,“ he said. With the introduction of the Amma Vodi programme, many parents have chosen public schools in 2019/20 to study their children, although the government has not insisted on them doing so. Last year, there was a massive drop in confessions. Now the situation is going to get worse, because all public schools would have a modern look. Many parents who do not have money with the consequences of the blockade will naturally welcome their children to public schools,“ said a correspondent at a private school in Vizianagaram district. The Andhra Pradesh government`s initiative to redevelop schools under the Nadu-Nedu programme is expected to be a blow to many private schools, particularly small and medium-sized institutions located in cities and semi-urban areas. As a general rule, parents are responsible for removing all fees before the start of the annual exams. But this time, the parents were not able to do so. Teachers will also have the opportunity to improve their teaching skills to gain the trust of more parents,“ he added.

Andhra Pradesh Teachers Federation President K. Bhanumurthy has called on the government to fill all vacancies in schools. He said many private schools will be closed if they are unable to get at least 50% of admissions this year. Rents, electricity bills and teachers` salaries cannot be covered if private schools do not have sufficient authorisation. Although there are no classes for students until August 3, teachers have been ordered to supervise Nadu-Nedu`s work on a daily basis. Zinnam Zilla Parishad High School (Gajapathinagaram mandal-Vizianagaram district) Director V. Adinarayana told the Hindu that many parents approached him for admissions with the effects of the Nadu-Nedu program. The renovation of all buildings, the construction of composite walls, well-maintained baths, modern panels, water installations, green spaces, a clean environment and others are assured.

Many schools are going through a severe financial crisis, as most parents have not been able to dissubscribe their payment fees during the months of March and April. On March 24, schools were unable to pass final exams.