Western University Collective Agreement

In terms of terms and conditions of employment, the OFR team is in contact with librarians and archivists, librarians, archivists and UWOFA-LA. We are responsible for negotiating collective agreements, letters of understanding and waiver declarations; Settlement and/or decision-making of complaints and complaints; Reviewing and approving future measures; The development of management Support for new librarians and archivists moving west. Our interest is to perform these tasks in a way that enhances the work experience at Western while ensuring that Western excels in its educational and scientific mission. Letter of Understanding – Changes in the use of alternative learning technologies in 2020-21 due to the covid-19 pandemic. Following the ratification of the collective agreement, UWO and UWOFA have accepted Memorandums of Understanding (UG) or Agreements (MOA) that can complement, amend or assist in interpreting parts of this agreement. These documents are now part of the collective agreement. Learn more about the sheets available to UWOFA-LA members, such as court leave, deferred pay leave, training leave, option vacations, exchange leave, absence leave, pregnancy, parental and adoption leave, and work leave. Learn more about the purpose and process in the annual performance evaluation. Part-time and full-time faculties are reviewed annually as part of the faculty collective contract for teaching, research and/or services activities.

Letter of understanding – Members of the CUPE Aboriginal Faculty of Hospital Services represent the staff of the Department of Hospital Services in Western. The University of Western Ontario Faculty Association represents full-time university professors (excluding clinical medicine) and part-time faculties with tasks that teach at least 0.5 degrees of credit courses in each of the last 3 fiscal years. . The UNION and the administration closed the letter of intent on 2 July 2020. PSAC represents postdoctoral researchers at the university, who work in the field of research and are collaborators of the university. . The joint working group set up to review Aboriginal faculty members recommended a review of the collective agreement, which is reflected in the language of the letter of understanding from aboriginal faculty members. On 11 August 2020, the EU and the administration will have access to the agreement. Learn more about promotion and training processes and requirements. Learn more about retirement planning and emeritus status. Learn more about the collective agreement for librarians and archivists (LACA) and other letters of agreement negotiated between Western University and its OPSEU Local 102 faculty association and represent collaborators of the Campus Community Police Service, who are special staff officers of the university police.